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“Meet Marlon Brando” (1966)

In 1965, after a string of box office flops, Marlon Brando opted to play ball for the studio, doing a rare press tour in support of Morituri. Luckily, the documentary filmmakers Albert and David Maysles were on hand to record the encounters. Brando avoids talking about Morituri, choosing instead to share his views on acting, politics, education, race relations, even cigars. He does one interview in fluent French, and briefly talks with an interviewer in grammatical German. He chides the male interviewers, and flirts openly with the females. When asked about it years later, Brando claimed he was drunk the whole time. However, he comes across soft spoken, thoughtful, and genuinely interested in the individuals surrounding him at any given moment. His extreme distaste for “hocking” (his word) a film though, is very clear. Luckily, the entire documentary is available on YouTube to watch. It’s posted below, if you’re interested.


"He's an angel as a man and a monster as an actor."
- Bernardo Bertolucci




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