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Civil Rights Round Table (August 28, 1963)

Although this blog’s current main focus is Brando’s professional career as a film actor, it would be doing him a great disservice to not discuss his passion and work as a human rights activist and advocate. While he is remembered and revered for his contributions to the profession of acting and influence on modern film, to him it was his job. He felt that his true purpose in life was to stand up for, and fight along with, those crushed and¬†oppressed by inequality and discrimination.

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered the historical and pivotal “I Have A Dream” speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. What you may not know is that Marlon Brando stood behind Dr. King on those steps that day, along with other recognizable figures fighting for the civil rights of the African American peoples of the USA.

Later that day, Marlon joined in a round table discussion on the meaning and future of civil rights in America with James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Charlton Heston, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and Sidney Poitier. This is the unedited video of that discussion.

For your consideration:
Martin Luther King, Jr’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, audio and text


Marlon Brando Playing Hand Drums (1953)

I ran across this oddity yesterday and felt it was necessary to share. Taken from an interview in 1953, we see a young Brando talking about his love affair with drumming. He then leads the interviewer to the basement, where he happily gives a demonstration of his drumming abilities. While wearing a suit. Because he’s cool like that.

Drumming was a well known, life long hobby of his. He looks so uninhibitedly happy.

"He's an angel as a man and a monster as an actor."
- Bernardo Bertolucci




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